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“It is really a business imperative if you really want to be competitive right now. You really have to have a productive workforce and in order to have a productive workforce they need to feel great about themselves.” – Lisa Blasdale, Staples Senior Benefits Manager

“Many Americans find money to be an endless source of stress.  Too many workers are one car repair away from losing their ability to get to work and earn a living.  Even a basic emergency can throw a family into a spiral of debt.  Despite the many benefits employers provide to their workers, employees are asking for something that is fairly basic and that will most likely not cost that much to provide: help.  Help managing their money. Help planning and budgeting to make ends meet.  Help setting aside a small amount for the next emergency they know is coming.  Fortunately, it appears employers may be able to provide their employee’s with the help they seek while helping their own bottom lines” CFPB, Financial Literacy Annual Report 3 (July 2014).

One of the largest investment employees ever make is purchasing a home, yet each year many buyers commit to the largest investment they will ever make without understanding essential information about buying a home or the related issues.

By providing your employees with access to financial education related to mortgage and real estate services at no cost to your company, you will be able to reward, retain and recruit top quality employees, improve productivity and increase employee loyalty with no effort or financial commitment on your part.

Employer Benefits:

  • Offer an additional valuable benefit to employees at no cost to the company
  • Easy to implement and requires no additional staffing or resource allocation
  • Create more value in your employee benefit package to improve recruitment and retention of the best talent
  • Improve productivity; provide a greater work/life balance
  • Overcome the challenge of increased employee dissatisfaction with rising healthcare premiums

Employee benefits:

Convenient access to a team of dedicated professionals that will help them make smart decisions about choosing the right loan product and streamline their refinance or home buying or selling process.

  • Use the benefit to purchase or refinance and receive a free appraisal, or $1,000 credit*.
  • Educational seminars on subjects such as credit repair, budgeting, first time home buying
  • 100% voluntary

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