If you have ever called on a For Sale sign or a newspaper ad to ask about a home that was advertised, you probably talked with a Listing Agent. The Listing Agent (also called a Seller’s Agent) is hired by the seller to find a buyer for the property. But more importantly, this type of an agent has a written contract with the seller to represent the seller when negotiating. This includes obtaining the best possible price for the property and making sure the purchase contract is written so that the seller’s interests are protected. As a buyer this is something you must keep in mind. The Listing Agent should answer all of your questions about the property honestly, but if you divulge any information that may give the seller a negotiating advantage, the agent will make sure that his client knows about it.This sure gives the seller a certain advantage, doesn’t it? “And what about the buyer?” you might ask.

Just like the Listing Agent represents the seller, a Buyer’s Agent has a written agreement, the Buyer’s Representation Agreement, with the buyer to look out for the buyer’s interests. Buyer’s Agent represents the buyer just as a Listing Agent represents the seller. 

This representation will include searching for suitable homes, helping to find lenders and home inspectors if desired, handling the paperwork on the buyer’s behalf, negotiating the best price, and protecting the buyer’s interests throughout the entire home buying process. Best of all, this service is usually free to the buyer! The Buyer’sAgent generally receives a portion of the Listing Agent’s commission or is paid by the Home Builder, so the buyer will incur no extra cost for having a professional represent his interests.

As Certified Buyer’s Agents for Real Estate Owned Properties/Foreclosed Properties we will:

  • Pay full attention to your needs, not the seller’s
  • Tell you what we know about the seller
  • Keep information about you confidential
  • Focus on choices that satisfy your needs, not the seller’s property
  • Provide material facts as well as professional advice
  • Provide price counseling based on comparable properties, not just the ones that support the seller’s price
  • Protect and guide you
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Attempt to solve problems to your advantage and satisfaction

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